Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Destroyed icons: Cloudland Ballroom

Interior view of Cloudland ballroom, Bowen Hills, ca. 1950
State Library of Queensland - Image 83083

The Cloudland Ballroom is another of Brisbane's beloved buildings that was ruthlessly demolished without consideration given to its importance as a cultural landmark. Built in 1939-40, Lunar Park (later called Cloudland) hosted dances and rock'n'roll bands. Situated on top of a hill, a funicular transported people to and from the venue. The lavish interior featured an art-deco design as well as a sprung dance floor, widely considered to be the best in Australia.

Cloudland closed its doors in 1982. Despite its National Trust listing and vehement calls for the building to be preserved, property developers had the building demolished under cover of darkness on 7 November 1982 by the Deen Brothers.

Further information:

Entrance to the Cloudland Ballroom, Bowen Hills, 1946
State Library of Queensland - Image 61681
Dancing at Cloudland, , ca. 1948
Srare Library of Queensland - Image 193612


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  2. A shameful moment in the city's history. Thanks for the link Betty. Cloudland is a mix of anxiety and happiness for me. Balls or exams...